The only body tempering
tool you’ll ever need.

Body Tempering is an amazing performance tool.

Reese and Corey watched body tempering help its inventor Donnie Thompson use it to push his body to amazing feats by totaling 3000 pounds and had to see if it would help them. Corey wanted to see how it worked and whether or not it would help 3-Time Olympic Shot Putter and Bronze Medalist, Reese Hoffa, extend his career. It worked amazingly, but it was not easy to do with the limited tools they had, so they got to tinkering and eventually came up with the FORGE. It solved the issues they had with Body Tempering.

No more huge shipping costs to get a piece to their door. No more guessing at how much weight would feel right. No more struggles trying to find where to store 5 different weight steel pipes. Just one piece that was loaded with the weight they already had in the gym and a few extra safety features. They had their answer for better performance and it was the FORGE.

Broad strokes, pin point, 30 pounds to 230 and back down again so it’s appropriate for any size athlete.

We’d love it if you got to experience what we have and tried the FORGE yourself.